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I am Mistress Nadia - a London based ebony escort companion.

Have you ever been dominated by a beautiful young woman? Which did with YOU whatever she wanted and trained and (ab-)used you in unspeakable (BDSM) ways? Have you ever been used so hard that you felt your heart pumping in your chest for hours? If you want to experience that you might want to visit me for a session and see where it leads..ha ha..but be aware: most men get usually totally addicted to me after a short while..if you want to find out what makes me so special I guess you will have to come to see me..laugh..

Enjoy browsing my site and if you think you are worth my attention & time then get in touch..

Your, Mistress Nadia xx

About Me

Hi there...

My name is MISTRESS Nadia.. and I am here to make your BDSM dreams become a reality...

I am a sexy, young & very classy independent BDSM MISTRESS here in London in G1 and I am looking for discreet, forbidden BDSM encounters during the daytime daily between 10:00 a.m. and 20:00 p.m. and to have you wimps serving and amusing me and getting used by me until you can't take it anymore...

I am a very nice, really fun and friendly well spoken young 100% London lady in my very early twenties and I am often told I radiate an irresistibly charming and happy aura. And I will captivate you with my intellect and my female supremacy from the magic moment when we first meet! I have been often described as a marvelous young & very strict MISTRESS with a wicked nice personality & naughty streak, combined with intelligent and really sparkling conversation skills and with a most delicious body which you might get to worship if your lucky.

And I really enjoy the company of mature, nice & friendly, older, educated SUBS AND SLAVES of a minimum of 30 years of age to around 65-75 years with a G.S.O.H. ( = Great Sense Of Humour! ) a lot.

I am based here in London in the city centre in only a short 5 minutes walk away from the London Liverpool Street rail station just off in my very nice, comfortable private & clean private big 1 bedroom luxury apartment. What else..'I don't do poor'..ha ha ha..

I am actually London's best and most popular and experienced BDSM Mistress and if you want to find out WHY then give me a call..or email me! And if you dare to enter my world then I will milk you for all your cash like a cow..

If you are interested in seeing me today or tonight for a forbidden experience you may give me a call directly on my mobile daily between 10:00am - 20:00pm or better even send me a text first as I will maybe not be able to check my e-mails and possible online bookings until late. I am looking forward to experience some very interesting & amusing encounters here with you subs and slaves..and if it will be your first time with an MISTESS you can rest assured that I will take very good care of you.

Yours, Mistress Nadia XX

First time with escort girl?

Your first time with an escort can be a magical experience, but nerves can build up close to the time of the appointment, especially if you have booked in advance to get a really special girl offering incall services.

You should have spoken to the agency when you booked and given them an idea of what services you want to make sure that the encounter you get will be just what you are looking for. If you ask the woman to perform something she doesn't advertise, it does have potential to be awkward. If you fancy a massage she might oblige, but if she doesn't advertise massage services, you can't expect a world class rub down! She is likely to give you an outright no if you suggest something she clearly doesn't advertise. There are some important tips that you should consider to ensure the evening - or your hour - gets off to a good start. Incall girls use their own pads, but they do not like to put their names on the door and have their role announced to the neighbours. Never use their name at the door, and just be friendly and say hi it's me or something equally innocuous. They know you are coming. You will be meeting a lady for the first time so be courteous. Remember your encounter is likely to involve some intimacy, so make sure you are clean before the appointment. You should cut and file your nails, trim any areas that you would like to be kissed and in case you missed the first point, make sure you are clean. Get all that right and you are sure to have some fun together.